Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tears for the Harvest

Chuckle: A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather's word processor. She told him she was writing a story. "What's it about?" he asked. "I don't know," she replied. "I can't read."
Quote: “There are times when God asks nothing of his children except silence, patience, and tears.” --C. S. Robinson

“Those who plant with tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest” (Psalm 126:5-6 NLT).
Although these words refer to planting and harvesting of crops, their spiritual implications simply cannot be overstated. Let's assume that the seed to be planted is the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the harvest is those who accept the message and give their hearts and lives to Christ. If tears and weeping describe the intensity of emotion for those planting and reaping grain, how much more should tears play a role in our carrying out the great commission?
Some of us shed tears easily and for most any reason. For others, tears do not come easily. But for you "macho" guys and soft-hearted gals, the shedding of tears should never be seen as a sign of weakness. After all, our Lord wept after His friend Lazarus had died (John 11:35). Paul referred to his shedding of tears because of his concern for the lost -- the enemies of Christ. For, as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ" (Philippians 3:18 NIV).
There are many reasons for shedding tears and they are a natural response to deep emotional experiences. Sometimes the burdens of life become so heavy and exhausting that tears flow and we lack the ability to stop them. Regardless of the reason for your tears, you can rest assured that God knows all about them and the reasons for them. Not only does He know about them, I think God's heart is touched by our tears because He understands what we are feeling. And He is fully capable of turning those tears of sadness and pain into tears of joy and hope.
How long has it been since you shed tears over a lost person who has rejected to love of Christ? Are the tears we shed mostly because of issues in our lives or because of the plight of others? If you are concerned for others to the point of shedding tears, you will not have wept in vain. When we pray for others with tears of concern, those tears will often be replaced with tears of joy when we see a person come to Christ -- the reaping of the harvest. Tears shed for the glory of our Lord will be transformed into showers of blessings.
Love, Jerry & Dotse


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